Outside-In, Inverted Range

The outside-in inverted umbrella is a new design in umbrellas where the frame opens in reverse. This design leaves the water inside the umbrella when it is closed and the outside dry. The umbrella can be opened and dried at a later convenient time. The unique design is also handy for using when getting in and out of vehicles or entering and exiting doors in the rain. It can be opened or closed through a small gap meaning the user stays dry.
LR860, LRP860, LRP868 – Outside In, Double Cover. Manual Walking Length. Fibreglass Shaft with Trendy Handle. Flexible Fibreglass Ribs. High Quality Fabric. Measurements – From tip to tip across: 107cm, Length (Closed): 80cm – Weight: 545.00 grams. LRA865 – Outside In Double Cover. Manual Walking length. Coloured Binding Finish, 8 Ribs,Manual Open, Auto Close, Smart Plastic Hook Handle. Measurements – From tip to tip across: 103 cm, Length (Closed): 78 cm. Weight: 522.00 grams.

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